in the last 2 month i had a lot of work i was responsible for all video content as video artist in the musical jesus christ superstar which had the opening night on 02.07.16. in trier 650 persons watched the musical it was amazing to see all the work we did in 90 minutes.a big challenge was to combine live camera action live greenscreen keying and pre produced content Martin Berger the director had this vision and we had a lot of conversations about all that technical stufft his concept of the show is innovative sarah karl planed a stage with two sides. one side with the green screen production studio and the other side was the backstage area so the audience could only see one side of the stage but on each side was a big 3x6meter screen on which the audience could see the live camera screening optical jazz ;-) amazing teamwork !!thanks to all the nice persons

a few month ago ethan turbek director and vfx artist called me and asked if i could be his dop for his dark age fantasy drama fingard ! after talking three hours i decided to support his film with me as dop and my team which are Chrischi Remo and Pascal we saw his passion and his vision and after 8 days of rolling in 8 different locations i was glad that i did itof course it was really hard and there were a few moments of pain and non organized situations confusions but the team and the cast were so great that we forgot that situations !we had a lot of fun ! because of so many greenscreen scenes the film will be finished in feb 2017 !now its postproduction time!i´m really exited ! good luck ethan a little film to support the dance culture in hannover !little team chadi and musicman malte but a lot of power! save the date 29.04.2016 its dancing time

many impressions culture clash a lot of shay and rooftops! for a job i was 7 days in turkey with wonderfull hospitable people!! after the videojob we spend 4 days more in istanbul taksim and we took die camera to make fotos! see more fotos in the "on the road" folder! Teşekkürler

it´s done! after 5 month the dvd is ready to play! we supported that project were teenager had the chance to learn something more than "only" math, biology and history .they could choose between three workshops: graffiti, working with light and constructions.

these workshops are good and important for teenagers and we should give them a platform so that more kids have the possibility to enrich their lifes. thanks to my crew boys chadi and pascal

for the zoo in hannover kochstrasse did a social media concept and a little cinema commercial which i was responsible for !! we got an german design award !! these are the happy people who were involved markus kreykenbohm gunnar hartmann jasmin passier viktor schanz and me ! here is a video which is a summary of the work ! ENJOY

for the shortfilm "die couch" we went to dresden and shot 3 days with a wonderful cast !to be continued...

we shot a whole day and night for the opera dido und aeneas ( henry purcell & nahum tate ) directed by martin g. berger & karsten barthold the result was the huge screening on the special mattress-stage designed by sarah karl ! the performance was in elze hannover and leer ! impressive ! thanks to my great team chadi remo pascal of course all the other helping hands the awesome actors and thanks for the foto karsten barthold

a little trip to some cities in italy ! scusi un gelato per favore ! with me my nearly old 50d a 35 mm carl zeiss and a 85 mm canon lens ! don´t forget the crop factor !!more pics in the folder "on the road" !keep travelling

new business cards!! lets roll