zirkeltraining did a great job ! they made one of the 200 best packaging designs of the world !!yeah !! i had the chance to make the photos that you see in that magazin ( lürzer´s archive ) !!

iyabo kaczmarek is doing a new culture project with kids from wedemark and i´m proud to be a part of it
i will do my best and share my knowledge with these kids
check the page and the other great participants

For the OFFF festival in Barcelona we did a little teaser. The filmpart at the beginning with me as dop was located in a little nice and dark forrest !spooky but there was a cool crew!! thanks for the support! the video you find on cinematographo or on my vimeo channel ! best

for a few days seeing a big city and taking fotos only wide angle style for extra high skyscapers was fun

see more fotos in photographo "on the road"

finally its done my second shortfilm as dop!! great experience !! best team !!i hope to see the film soon in berlin at the genrenale festival !!keep your fingers crossed!!!

the last two weeks i was helping some theatre dudes with some little videoinstallations and some cover fotos for flyer and webcontent some of the fotos you find in my carpet event !! very cool show !here is the trailer that i did ! enjoy

next premiere 26. Februar 2015, 20.00 uhr in alte fuhrhalterei, kleine gildewart 9        i´ll be there!!!!!!

i took the foto ! and the rest did hannesgrafik.de ! next camera project 2015!i can´t wait!!!

hi !!welcome to my new hompage hope you like it ! enjoy and feel free to contact me!!

i finished the layout for a poster for my film ! after moscow and hannover "faustkampf" goes berlin to the genrenale!! i hope they like it and invite my film for the selection for the festival!